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Maxwell Remodeling specializes in energy efficient home remodeling . By working with us, you invest in the future and start saving right away. All our projects are executed in a timely fashion by a skilled crew so your life is disrupted as little as possible.

We believe in building trust. We request $0 down, you pay when the job is 100% done.



If you want to go solar, know that solar panel efficiency varies between brands and depends on the quality of installation. Maxwell Remodeling carefully evaluates the optimal position of your home solar panels so your roof becomes an efficient source of power to cover your energy needs and optimize your energy savings.


Artificial Turf

You may spend hours taking loving care of your yard and diligently water it every day . But when drought hits and emergency water conservation plan takes effect, you have to reduce watering and face the risk of seeing the lawn turn brown then die. Maxwell Remodeling solution is to outfit your outdoor living space with durable, low maintenance and water-saving artificial turf and pavers.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are how you can create air flow in the house and bring natural light. But when you need them closed, you want to be insulated from excessive temperature and protected from the elements. Maxwell Remodeling installs Energy Star products that keep your home looking great and optimizes energy consumption.


Indoor comfort depends on sufficient heating or cooling and proper ventilation. New energy efficient HVAC systems are designed to provide the level of comfort you deserve without having to pay more on utilities than you should.


Roof replacement is a smart decision to keep your house and yourself protected from the elements.The new energy efficient roofing materials can lead to considerable energy savings, especially in our California climate. Maxwell Remodeling will present you with options so you can make an informed decision without compromising on style and performance.

Exterior Painting

Exterior paint should do more than make your house attractive, it should also deliver on performance and protection. Maxwell Remodeling selects Life Paint products adapted to each type of surface and designed to offer maximum efficiency and durability.

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